Important Things

1. King James Bible is the most accurate and reliable.  Archaic terms are a small problem.

Made 250 years before the tsunami of intellectual garbage, craziness, and pollution unleashed by Darwinism.  Made during Golden Age of Literature (zenith of literary excellence).   Made during Protestant Reformation (High point of  Christianity.)

2. Our world is a specially created world as the Bible documents, evolution is a lie.

3. The Bible chronology is true, this world is about 6000 years old.  The billions of years secular experts speak of is a "house of cards" based on unprovable assumptions, lies and wishful thinking, and scheming to desperately accommodate time for zillions of mutations.

4. Noah's Flood is true according as the Bible documents it.

5. The viewpoint is correct.  Also called pre-Copernican.

6. God is literally, actually, truly a MALE with a real  MALE body.
Jesus Christ was truly God in human flesh, and is resurrected to a glorious body. He is the Son of God, truly God in his own right, the Savior, Lord of all, and final judge or all beings.

7. The Apostles Creed is the most accurate, succinct, Biblical, statement of Christianity.